Show Your Potential Employer How Great You Are.

We get lots of applications to work at Entermotion. One thing is true of all of the applications we pay attention to: They show real work. It’s amazing how many applications we get from people wanting to work in a visual field that don’t show anything visual. Even for non-designer positions, it’s critical to demonstrate what you can do. Here are the things that tend to get us excited:

  • Show us a great online portfolio. And we really mean an online portfolio. If you’re applying for a web dev position, build it yourself. If you’re applying for a designer position, it’s cool to use an existing online service. A lot of what we do involves using online apps, and revolves around websites, -so the more you can show us that demonstrates knowledge of the internet the better.
  • Write a letter. Collaboration is about communicating, and to work well with us you have to be able to communicate. We’re increasingly a dispersed team, and being a succinct writer with a friendly tone will carry a lot of weight. A few well written sentences about who you are will go much further than a bunch of bullet points on a resume. We particularly love people who have blogs, and write about their experiences in the worlds of graphic design, and web dev.
  • Design your resume. We’re not usually that interested in resumes, but if you include one make it look great.
  • Show us great code. If you’re applying for a programming position, show us some code. It’s hard to lie in code, and you can see someone’s expertise in the details. Showing us a tight little function, or a small app you’ve built can tip the scale.
  • Be clever. For us, or for any job you’re applying for, have your facts checked, and say something specifically unique about that employer. Tell us why you’ll fit in. Tell us why you want to work here as opposed to other places.

Don’t do these things:

  • Call up and while asking for an email address to send your resume to, -ask how to spell Entermotion.
  • Send a portfolio that is mostly illustrations of comic book characters or fine art.
  • Show us an example of work you’ve done that’s broken, incomplete, or that you had a very small part in.
  • Ask for an in person meeting before you’ve shown work.

We’re always looking for great additions to our staff. I’m sure most of our competition is as well. You can always find room in the budget for someone that is impressive. A great employee more than pays for themselves, so it’s only smart to snatch someone up before someone else gets them. If you want to work for us, or anyone else, -do yourself a favor, and set the tone for your new career by blowing the socks off of your potential employer.


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