Why Logos Are Hard To Design

rx2993_6bfi8bfi8efkkr8zfi8tyfhxxxxxx8u9fi87fi8atfxs3aw8tufhxxxxxx.jpgWalmart is getting to launch a newly redesigned logo. The type is not bad… Better than you would expect. But what seems to be drawing the most criticism is the giant yellow icon next to the type. It basically amounts to an asterisk, but people are seeing all sorts of things:

  • Sun
  • Star
  • Sphincter
  • M & W back to back
  • Website loading indicator

Which is why the larger an audience a logo is intended for, the more pressure there is on the logo design. Even something as simple as an asterisk takes on all sorts of different connotations when you force someone to have an opinion about it. The larger the audience the more dissent will be present.

We’re not saying the giant yellow asterisk is our favorite thing, -but a sphincter? Design by committee is never an easy, or good thing…


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