Paul Rand

This Video is making the rounds on design blogs today (DF) (SM)

It’s a powerful testament to the impact that design can have on a company, and a person. As designers, we all appreciate seeing a client who is moved by the process, and values it’s outcome proportionally. It’s really neat to see Steve Jobs, a person whose individual taste has resurrected Apple, talk about the process of being a client.

What’s probably most interesting is hearing about Rand’s approach. It’s that marriage of art and business that makes truly great design.

Paul Rand owned simplicity. Here’s a few of examples: (and don’t hold Enron against him)


    Dylan B. 03/28/2008

    This isn’t the first place I’ve heard about solving problems with design. This article hits some very good points.

    I like the concept, Using design to solve a specific business problem. Rather than making something pretty with design.


  2. Entermotion 03/31/2008

    Dylan, Good to hear from you. I like that article on Blueflavor. I would disagree in that it’s not just technical professions where clients approach you with perceived solutions to real problems. Even if a client comes to us wanting a tri-fold, we try to think about the vehicle before we fire up Photoshop. Understanding the desired outcome is the first step. The media, and the vehicle are just methods, and we often see people initially off-target. I bet that happens in every profession. – Anyway, cool article, and good to hear from you.


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