Just because it’s new…

xerox-old.jpg There is sometimes pressure to do something “new” within an organization. For the most part, that’s a positive thing. Searching for new solutions keeps an organization youthful. Still, the pursuit of “newness” can be a dangerous thing as well. It’s important to recognize the importance of your brand, and ensure that you don’t misuse it. Brands like Coca Cola, IBM, and Apple have had the same logo for years, and they still look fresh. It’s a testament to how effective, the original mark was.

xerox-new.jpg One of the companies no longer on that list is Xerox. They just recently redesigned their wonderful and simple “old” logo. Don’t get us wrong, the new logo is good. It’s just not great. It pretty much guarantees a redesign again in a few years. It’s just not “timeless.”


    Dylan B. 01/08/2008

    It looks to me like they tried to copy the x-box. Also something is off about the x on the sphere. It doesn’t look like it is curving correctly on the top right hand line.


  2. Entermotion 01/09/2008

    Agreed. It looks like it’s supposed to be a perfect X, but it’s not distorting with perspective correctly… Irritating.


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