Surprises are avoidable.

When do budgetary surprises occur? When bad planning happens…

This is not to say that scope never changes in a well planned project. The fact is that when you are planing a project, you know very little about the finish line. It’s a simple fact, but it rings true.

So how can you plan better to avoid surprises?

  • Coordinate resources. Find what you have to work with first…
  • Talk to relevant parties. If your project involves HR, make sure to talk to them before the project gets started
  • Take a step back. Think about your real purpose.
  • Have a simple goal, and stick to it
  • Fight for empowerment. Ask your boss/partners for the power to make decisions
  • Relinquish control. Determine what you can delegate and what you must micro-manage
  • Be realistic with milestones

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