Fundamentals – What if I want to make changes?

Changes are part of the normal process of development for any project. Whether it’s a brochure, a website, or an annual report, there will inevitably be changes. So as as client, or as a developer, how do you handle it?

As a client:

  • Ask for exactly what you want, -Focus on why the change needs made. Expect that there may be apprehension, and that there may be reluctance to change. If a design agency is worth its salt, they’ll believe wholeheartedly that they are heading down the right path already.
  • Be prepared to problem solve. Remember that you have introduced a new variable in the equation. You’ve hired problem solvers, and they will likely want to re-assess other portions of the project to see if they are effected.
  • If the changes are substantial, rationally expect the budget to reflect the change in scope.

As a designer / developer:

  • Receive changes willingly, and acceptingly. Changes are par for the course, and are to be expected in a collaborative project. Sit back. Think about the changes, and assess their impact on the project as a whole.
  • Think clearly about how the changes will affect your work-load. If the changes are minor, try and include them in your working budget. If the changes are substantial, realistically asses how much time the changes may take, and be factual with your clients. The worst thing you can do is surprise them with an invoice.

At Entermotion, we’re really liberal (probably too liberal) with our allowance for client changes. We’re sympathetic with our client’s situation, -it’s a tough spot. Our clients have bosses, budgets, customers, and deadlines. There is always something pulling or pushing. Of course we have to charge for our time to ensure we can stay in business, and keep providing the services we love to provide, – but we’re not a penalty-based business. We hope that our industry maintains the same level of conscience.


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