Embracing constraints

So you have a small budget… So you need your identity designed before an impending trade show… It’s no problem.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with constraint as long as it is understood, and utilized. We look at every project as having 3 components. Its not our original idea, but its a great one.

If you have a limited budget, rejoice in the fact that you can likely have your project completed quickly. If you have a short timeline, -feel comfortable knowing that it is wise to “just do less.” If you have a small project to do, -enjoy the fact that your timeline, and budget will be proportionately small, and that your quality can be exceptional.

Every constraint forces another portion of your project to be either more generous, or more limited. don’t feel bad that you have constraints, enjoy the fact that another portion of your project likely became easier to manage if you carefully consider it.

Some examples:

  • I need a quick turnaround: Great, -start small, and if you have extra time, you can fit more in.
  • I have a small budget: Great, -It’s an excuse to do something small but great, but have ti done really quick.
  • I have a huge project: That’s fine, just know that a larger scope means that timeline and budget are proportionally larger. Take your time, and plan well…

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