Being a cheerleader

It’s a strange fact that success doesn’t make as big a splash as a failure. When you do something wrong, or something breaks, your clients will necessarily know about it. When you do your job well, a client forgets you exist.

Not just in our business, but in any business, you have to be a cheerleader. Most of us are humble by nature, and we don’t tend to toot our own horn… But who will do it if not us? As a service based industry, you learn to cringe when the phone rings. Clients don’t call when things work right. They call when things are broken…

It seems when things are going right, a service based company is the last thing on most peoples’ mind. It’s unfortunate, but true. So as a service based company, how do we deal with being a foul weather friend? Simple, we’re our own cheerleader. It doesn’t come naturally, but we’ve started telling our story of success whenever we get a chance.

We corner our clients for one brief moment, and let them know exactly what we went through to get to the answer. We don’t make it sound extra hard, or extra smart, we just factually discuss the steps and pitfalls. It’s honestly quite impressive the response you get.

The next time you’re getting down about your job for being more a partner in crisis, than a partner in success, -pick out someone to tell your story to. Be your own cheerleader for once. you’ll be surprised at how much more valuable you are in your own eyes, and in your clients…


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