Surprising intern of events

You never know where you will find talent or diligence. Some people just have it built in… We recently hired a new intern who is just a youngster. We brought him on to make deliveries, do odd jobs, change light bulbs, and etc. In exchange for some random labor, we agreed to teach him a thing or two about design, and more specifically about web construction.

As it turned out Chris taught us a thing or two. Chris, our youngster intern taught us that despite their age, anyone can make a contribution through effort. Even the inexperienced through persistence can create achievement.

Thanks Chris for reminding us that we were all a novice once, and that anyone can contribute. In your brief employment so far, you’ve rolled up your sleeves and helped us out with things someone your age usually wouldn’t even attempt. We’ve learned our lesson. As you grow in experience, anyone who employs you will benefit from your attitude. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to keep you around.


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