Fundamentals: Target Audience

The first rule of selecting target audience is not to lie to yourself. Your first instinct might be to say “our target audience is everyone…” -Unless you’re the government, you’re lying to yourself.

Being precise with your target audience selection will help you to present benefits that will be well received. If your target audience is not targeted enough, you will likely suffer from a bland, non-specific website or project, the kind that neither offends nor pleases anyone.

The most committal websites in the world are the ones that make the strongest impact on the audience they target. They have an authentic and determined voice that users respond to.

The target audience for your website should affect everything from the tone of the copy to the way the code itself is written. Try to put yourself in the place of your target audience and ask what you need. Let that motivate you through every decision while constructing the site.

Things to say to a developer

  • What do you think of the target audience I have isolated for this project?
  • Do you have a past track record of success with this particular demographic?
  • Are there other groups you believe we should be targeting?

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