Fulfilling Hayes Company’s Needs

Close up of Hayes Company design by Entermotion, Wichita's website design studio.

Hayes Company offers full supply chain solutions by managing inventory, overseeing temporary warehouses, and managing all those small details that make your supply chain great (from invoices and order receipts to returns and new product roll outs), and they partnered with us to make their website stand out. We swooped in to make sure this was another process that really worked. 

* Links that expand on hover, stories that unfold as you scroll, and a menu that closes up neater than ever are only part of Hayes Company’s new website

* We developed an employment section so prospective employees could find and apply for open positions and admins could easily update position listings 

* We integrated narrative animations so the Hayes Company website could move as well as they do 

* We provided a flexible and modern website which allows Hayes Company to reach more end users no matter their device 



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