A Practice in Organization

 Example of corporate web design by Entermotion design studio.

AvFab makes flying more comfortable by providing updated equipment and by servicing outdated aircraft interiors. They carry a hefty product line, and we created a website that would help them display their 200+ products with ease. 

We came up with some innovative ways to make their product line more streamlined and their product database easier to manage:

* Automagically generated meta tags

* Developed CSV export/import feature so admins could update and edit key product details without having to work through all product information

* Developed custom scripts to migrate old data to new custom database 

* Learned previous code to ensure proper migration of search algorithm feature so all searches on new site displayed the same products as the old site

* Created drag-and-drop photo feature from the admin so website owner could easily change photo order with a few clicks

* Added the ability to search for items globally, even when they’re not directly related to a specific aircraft

* Developed custom layout featuring unusual page items–  we took extra effort to build and support these shapes properly across all devices and browsers

* Created a responsive site with retina support means a better overall cross-browser experience

* Added multiple upload feature in back end to make it easy for bulk uploads

* Developed makes/models/categories menu, allowing users to filter product listings easily on mobile and desktop

* Added site-wide animation




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