What We’re Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving from Entermotion, Wichita's website design studio

Whaaa? How is it Thanksgiving already? We’ve accomplished a lot recently, and in honor of the Thanksgiving tradition, we wanted to let you in on some secrets, some projects we’re thankful for, and one weird Thanksgiving fact buried in there. 

Crown III Realty was our very first client, and we relaunched their website this year. We’re thankful that we were able to sharpen our skills at developing interactive maps, setting up external storage systems, and supporting a flawless real estate journey. And we’re thankful to still be working with our very first client! 

We love working on Atlas.md EMR, and we are thankful to announce that we expanded their 3rd party lab integrations, added more flexibility for inventory management across branch locations, and implemented fax support improvements and expansions. Kaboosh! 

We’re thankful we got to launch a brand new version of our very own website! What? We have to use our powers on ourselves from time to time. Also FYI forks weren’t invented during the first Thanksgiving, so they probably ate with knives and spoons. Talk about a challenge. 

We harnessed the power of SEO to update alt tags, metadata, and content on our clients’ websites.  

Kice Industries develops custom airflow for their clients, and we were thankful to work on custom designs for them. 

We are thankful we got to smile with Nordhus Dentistry as we supported the development of their Smile Giveaway campaign, and we’re happy we  got to flex our animation muscles by developing scripts and vides for Nordhus Dentistry and Integrity Medicine (we’ll send you a peek once it’s ready for you!) 

Now excuse us while we Google “make the crispiest turkey that tastes good” until Thanksgiving arrives. We’ll be out of the office today and tomorrow, but we’ll be back in action on Monday, November 27th! 

Happy eating!  

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