Our Favorite Chrome Extensions

We don’t exclusively use Chrome, but when we do, we get down with a lot of plugins. Check out our list of favorites and let us know what Chrome plugins* you’ve been obsessed with lately:

For Developers:

Var-Masterpiece – This makes checking for bugs a heck of a lot easier– unreadable var dumps are finally legible.

Full Page Screen Capture – It’s hard to say how often we use this screen capture app, but it’s probably collectively over 5 million times a day. At least.

SEO Stats  – This plugin gives us at-a-glance SEO stats, so we can double check our progress, review new websites, and make sure all of our SEO is right where it needs to be.

For Writers:

Typewriter  – This typewriter app isn’t really useful. We don’t really need it, but we find ourselves typing on it for fun anyway.

Grammar Check – We have some grammar lovers on the team, and while many of them can spot a comma splice from a mile away, we still think it fun to check their copy every once in a while.

Ask Jelly – What are people searching for? What’s the best drone on the market? How many times a day do people check their email? Jelly has user-based answers for all your outlandish questions.

For Fun

Mustache Everyone – There is no real reason to ever use this, and there’s no real reason to ever stop.

LibDoge  – So much wow with this plugin!

*These plugins are also available on other browsers

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