Spotlight on Midwest Health Group

Midwest Health is a patient-focused direct primary care center serving the Kansas City area. They seek to offer affordable, quality care to patients, without forcing them to meddle in annoying insurance battles.




Midwest Health Group provides a lot of information to their patients — from FAQs and services to benefits for employers and businesses, we knew that we needed to create a corporate site that would be bold, sleek, and elegant so that users could navigate this direct primary care site with ease.


We incorporated bold images that would tie the site together — the masthead images appear later in the site to create cohesion that can only come from a wholesome design.




We incorporated a mix of blue hues with white and black in order to create a sea-like feel that would be welcoming and calming. We wanted Midwest Health’s patients to feel as at home on the site as they do in the MHG office.


Midwest Health incorporates a variety of services in order to provide a truly unique experience to their patients. We incorporated a sliding menu to ensure that patients could easily locate the services they need. Since direct primary care is about serving the patient on their time, we made sure that this site enhanced the patient’s experience by incorporating user-friendly navigational items.



We chose to work with Proxima Nova font because its geometric nature, paired with its slightly curved lines matched neatly with the design and slightly curved feel of the site.

Check out Midwest Health Group’s full site here. Check out our portfolio to see more.


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