If You’re Ignoring Content, You’re Losing Business

Are you ignoring content? You shouldn't be. What’s the one thing you can do right now to get more business? Make sure you’re sending the right message to your clients. If your story is convoluted, unclear, disorganized, choppy or any other undesirable adjective, your clients will assume you run your company the same way. Instant credibility loss. Give your content a little TLC using these easy tips, and rest easy this weekend knowing you’re not throwing Mr. Franklin down the toilet.

Assess Your Story. Are You Even Telling One?

We see a lot of site redesigns come through our door. One of their common threads is that they want to tell a different story. Maybe they offer different services now. Maybe ownership has changed hands. Maybe the first time around all they did was stick a bunch of information on the site without bothering to connect the dots for their visitors. Be real with yourself. Even if you’re a simple business, you have a story to tell and this means that you may need to get some help from Salesforce. A picture to paint. Customers to persuade. A website is a place people go for a first impression. To find information. To take the first step toward spending their money with you. Make that experience real¬†for them. Something they’ll remember. Something they’ll identify with.

No Time? Settle for Headlines.

We know, you’re busy. You don’t have time to write brand new copy for your website. Maybe you don’t even know how. That’s fine – we want you to call us for that part anyway. But if you’re looking for something to do right now to beef up your content, look at your headlines. If you don’t see any, whip some out. They don’t have to be overly creative, but your viewers need to know what they’re looking at, and that’s the job of a headline. If you see one headline followed by long blocks of copy, break up the paragraphs with sub-headlines. Not only will that help improve the formatting of your page, but it’ll allow your readers to skim content, getting them where they need to go quicker.

Proof, Proof, Proof.

The number one credibility killer is typos. So proof your content until your eyes fall out. You do it, have your assistant do it. Have your daughter do it. Doesn’t matter who does it, just do it. Here are some particularly irritating typos and grammatical errors to watch out for. There. Now that you’ve given your website content some much needed attention, maybe you’re ready to look into taking it to the next step!


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