New Website Launch: Weckworth Manufacturing


We recently flipped the switch on a brand new website for Weckworth Manufacturing. They assemble durable products for different government branches, business owners and entrepreneurs alike. If a material can be cut, sewn, welded, glued, or otherwise bonded together, Weckworth helps their clients put the pieces together. We love projects like this because we get to help dig in from behind the scenes. The redesign was a great opportunity to reevaluate how they position themselves to their existing customers, and reach out to their ideal target market at the same time. It was also a chance to clarify what people thought they did, elaborate on what they actually do, as well as broadcast capabilities nobody knows about.

We worked with the team at Weckworth to do more than just tell people what they do. Now they’re telling a story – both verbally and visually. The story told on their website is something their clients and potential clients can put their faith in. They know Weckworth will have as much passion for the project as they do! The entire process was fun, inventive and best of all – creative! We wish Weckworth the best of luck. Visit their new site here:!

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