The Power of Asking Questions

We know there’s such a thing as asking too many questions. But there’s also the flip side to that: not asking enough questions. We do our best to infer information and read between the lines to find out what our clients really want, but when it comes down to it, guessing isn’t a viable option.

So we just ask. 

We appreciate that we have great clients who understand we understand they’re busy. We make it a point not to add one more useless email to their inbox, so when we do ask questions, they know we’ve investigated the situation and need their feedback moving forward. We don’t find any shame in asking, either. We’d rather take the extra time to find out than backtrack later! But what we’re really doing behind the scenes is figuring out the right questions to ask, and making it as easy as possible for our clients to respond.

Besides, you never know what kind of information you might uncover if you start asking questions. Best case scenario: you ask, let the answers dictate where your conversation goes, and by the end of things, you have a slightly stronger relationship, complete with a better understanding of the project. We feel like it’s a not only a win-win, but it’s what should be happening inside the partnership we have with our clients.

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