Have Your Studio Manage Printing for You.

There are lots of benefits to having your studio manage your printing needs:

> Studios deal with printers almost on a daily basis, so they can quickly and effectively communicate their ideas to them for things like quotes, orders, and job status.

> Most people don’t realize studios get a resellers discount. So while the cost of a job might be comparable once studio markup is included, you have to consider that your’e also getting job management, experience, and the value of their high expectations as well.

> You’re guaranteed quality results. If the end product doesn’t meet your studio’s (very high) expectations, they’ll work with the printer relentlessly to get it fixed.

> They’ll follow up… a lot. Your studio will attend press checks before the job runs to make sure everything’s on track (like color, clarity, etc.). They’ll keep in touch with the printer while the job is running to make sure it goes smoothly. They even approve samples after the job is printed, before it’s delivered to clients. Do you have time for all that extra correspondence? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else do it for you? Believe it or not, studios actually _like_ this sort of thing.

> Studios can put their tested relationships to work for their clients. The truth is, they’ve probably been working with printers much longer than their clients have, and they’ve taken the time to build lasting business relationships with them. They know each other’s preferences, and have a system down for getting great results. Getting grandfathered into that doesn’t sound like a bad deal, does it?

Letting your studio manage your printing needs will save you time as well as the stress of learning a new industry when you already have your own to deal with. After all, you already trust your studio to design your material, why not trust them with making it tangible? It’s one less thing on your plate!

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