The New Century II Logo

We won’t be submitting anything to this: [Update: This link has since been deactivated.]

Not because we think the logo can’t be improved, and not because we don’t respect the efforts of local designers to improve local design. We won’t be submitting because we think that design without project research, and proper study is ornamentation. Plus we hate spec work.

This link is worth noting though, because we really like some of the people who were passionate enough to sink some time into this effort. But even more-so because it underscores an endemic problem with local design initiatives that never see the light of a public RFP. It’s only fair that every tax paying company has a right to be weighed and measured against its peers for the privilege of doing local work.


    Jarrett Green 10/15/2010

    Oh you guys just HAD to take the high road 😉

    We absolutely agree with no spec. Always. We felt that this was different. We believe that this mark is the result of a huge bubble that surrounds the the decision makers in Wichita. It's another effort in the vein of Wild West World, the Waterwalk, etc. No RFPs for sure. At least we (and presumably you guys) did not receive one.

    The point on ornamentation is a good one. However, because of it's status and landmarkiness, getting away from a stylization of the building itself would be hard – if not incorrect.

    So our take was this – Sometimes, people just won't know it until they see it. It's such a shame considering the IMMENSE pool of talent in our city. We wanted designers to stand up as a community and show off what we can do, for our love of the city – as a public service.

    Kudos for taking a stance as always, but I'd be lying if I didn't say we weren't DYING to see what Leah might have come up with 😉


  2. Entermotion 10/16/2010

    Now you're making me feel bad. Not bad enough to work for free on a weekend, but still bad. You're right about all the community stuff. Didn't mean to come off sounding superior,-but why reward bad behavior with great work?


  3. Jarrett Green 10/16/2010

    Because the people of Wichita deserve it for once whether or not few people in the upper echelons can't get it right.

    But not at all – didn't sound superior. Honestly we agree with you 100%. We just thought it was a special case, and I had a light Friday afternoon workload 😉


  4. Karen Cravens 10/16/2010

    Because we have to live in this town too… think about how often you've seen the Century II logo in the past. Now imagine having the current one in that spot, and knowing you could possibly have stopped it.

    Don't think of it as rewarding bad behavior, think of it as self-defense.


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