What’s the Next Step?

Anthony Del Monte thinks What Now? should be the mantra of every studio or small agency.

We totally agree, with a slight twist. We like to ask “What’s the next step?”

It’s how we stay proactive in a world where lots of small projects rule. It’s how we let our clients know we’re ready to move on. It’s how we end practically every internal conversation.

Thinking ahead to the next step is not only crucial to fluidly completing a project, but it’s a great way to stay (literally) one step ahead of everyone else. You’ll have answers to the questions your clients ask, and you’ll have insightful questions to ask them yourself. You’ve already thought beyond the present and now look what you’ve done? You’ve earned your team some credibility.

What’s next is very important.

“It is the voice in your head telling you that you have to keep moving. It is the thought that propels you to understand that industries are constantly evolving and that being ahead of this curve will allow you to keep your small agency open. It isn’t the little engine that could.”


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