Sound Mind. Sound Body.

We’re busy right now. Really busy.

A bottleneck of deadlines and exceptions to the rule has us by the throat. We have projects stacked on top of each other, overlapping each other, and sometimes following us out the door at night- a haunting todo list.

But there’s something to be said for losing a little bit of your sanity during times like this. If you’re smart, you’ll take something away from it- experience, self-control, perspective, a new medication for high blood pressure- that you can carry over into the next phase your company launches into.

At our core, we’re a dynamic team that’s perpetually trying to find a better, more efficient, more conducive way of doing things- just like a lot of you. So, while we might feel like hitting the panic button when we think we’re gasping for air, we have to remember to take a deep breath and figure out what we can learn from it all.

The moral: take something away from everything.


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