Simple is Harder Than it Should Be.

* Would you have the restraint, and courage to package your products this simply?
* Would your product stand up to this type of packaging? Or are you using packaging to “hide” your product?
* Would you be able to avoid adding bullet points, call-outs, headlines, and body copy?
* Do you put enough faith in your customers, and your products to tell their own story?

* How often do you first consider a sparse, simple layout?
* Would you have the courage to show it to your clients? Or would you just skip it because “it’s never going to get approved.”

“Simple” is not the right answer for every product, or every design. But it gets skipped over all too often because people just aren’t brave enough to try it. In many cases, our presumed burden to “tell the story of our product” actually just gets in the way of the consumer telling themselves their own story.


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