Southwestern College Professional Studies Site Launch!

We’d like to congratulate Southwestern College Professional Studies on the launch of their new website! With the help of their marketing and new media director, we were able to take their web initiatives to the next level. Although we can’t take credit for all the design, we worked with the Southwestern College team to develop a comprehensive search function that provides extensive information about the topic being searched for. They’ve embraced their leadership role in professional studies, and we’re proud of the path we helped them pave. Good luck with the new site!

See it here:


    design college 09/18/2009

    you guys design the website and search engine? great,I like the color of the website.


  2. Entermotion 09/18/2009

    Yes, we designed, and programmed the search (and the rest of the content management!). Designed the website as well, but can’t take credit for all of the graphics. Photography, and headlines were part of a larger campaign we had to match too.


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