Relaunched and Revived-

They’ve been around since 1892, getting their start in Salina. Now they’re a $1.6-billion company with 34 branches in Kansas and Colorado. Things have changed a bit since 1892, but Sunflower Bank has kept up with their customers’ needs in more ways than one.

Geared toward interacting personally with its customers, Sunflower Bank enlisted our help to relaunch their website. It wasn’t a brand new site, but a redesign of the old one instead, which allowed us to take what we already had and make it better, fresher and more user friendly.

In this age of blue-streak technology, relevant online content is paramount. We programmed a new feature that delivers news directly relating to customers in each of Sunflower Bank’s 20 Kansas communities, eliminating the need to weed through unrelated material. It’s a clever way of staying in touch. Also intriguing about the site is their campaign to involve everyone in the banking industry no matter who you are or what your age. There are applications, clubs, and programs that aim to further educate women, kids and businesses alike about smart banking practices.

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