Moving Forward- LWI & Nest Vehicles

THe all new LWI and Nest Vehicles website designed by Entermotion in Wichita KansasWe’d like to take a quick minute to mention a couple site launches we’re very excited about! Both teams at LWI and Nest Vehicles were fantastic to work with and we have two great new websites as a result.

LWI is an elevator panel production company that features cutting edge technology to make sure their customers are satisfied in every shape of the word. You can get everything from a single elevator wall panel to 500 panels a week if that’s what you need. This was the second time we were selected to launch their site- thanks for thinking of us! This time we were able to upgrade the online quoting application to include ceilings, and other fittings.

See the new site here: LWI Elevator Panels

Nest Vehicles
Nest Vehicles has a simple idea for a product. Offer all the most needed features of an ambulance at a fraction of the cost. They do this by purchasing factory made mini-vans, and modifying them. It’s a great product with its heart in the right place.

One thing to mention on the website we built for them is the client login area. We wrote some programming that creates unique URL’s for each requesting client to view more information about the vehicles. This has two added benefits; -it shows each client some personal care, and it lets Nest know if the page was viewed or not via the site’s statistics.

See it online here: Nest Vehicles [This site has since been deactivated.]


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