Make a Gift! – How to Manage Micro-Payments for a College

Southwestern College micro donation website developed by EntermotionLet’s imagine running a college or university. You have all sorts of needs, all sorts of fundraising activities. Lots of people are dedicated to your school, but they all have affiliations based on their own world-view.

Some people are entirely interested in your football team, and would do anything to support it. Others would bend over backwards to support the math department. Still others would love to help out the English department, the drama school, the art school, and on and on.

Most colleges solicit donations in bulk. Patrons are left wondering if their charitable contributions actually end up in the hands they would prefer. It’s easy when you donate in huge bulk amounts, -funds large enough to warrant a plaque, or even a building. But what of the wonderfully interested and charitable people only able to donate $500, $100, or even $20?

Most colleges have struggled with the micro donation. Smaller donations usually get attributed towards the bulk of the university’s needs, leaving the contributor to wonder what the funds were really used for. It’s an inhibiting factor of donating, as well as an accountability issue after the fact.

When Southwestern College approached us with exactly this set of problems, we were understandably excited, and a bit stumped. It’s kind of an ecommerce problem, – but it’s different. It’s kind of a micropayment problem, – but also different. In fact, there aren’t a lot of direct analogies to our past portfolio that directly relate. It’s new territory. (That’s something we get REALLY excited about!)

When the project started, there was as much grey area as defined. It was a question of building, and inventing, and building some more. It was a very collaborative process in which neither the idea, nor the technical could have been eventually realized without the fantastic efforts of the Southwestern staff. (Not sucking up! Everyone was amazing to work with!)

As of this week, the Southwestern College “Make a Gift” page is entirely live. Functioning, and taking donations. For alumni, staff, community members, and anyone who believes in the momentum of the school. You can make a contribution big or small. From football helmets to projectors. From scholarships to life-size skeletons (yes, skeletons.)

We’re proud of all of our projects. We’re proud of the design, proud of the process. But occasionally, you get a chance to build your portfolio, and make a difference. These are real needs, for a real heartfelt institution. The fact that we are enabling people to make a small difference, and thereby help an institution make a huge difference feels amazingly good.

Congratulations to everyone at Southwestern. We’re happy to be a part of your speedy, and forward thinking momentum!

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