The Coolest email

Just got this through the general email inbox:

Hello! My name is Kim and I’m 12. I am a little strange and collect business cards. My goal is to be a graphic designer one day and design my own cards! I have a bunch of books of award winning designs. My mom said I should email the people I like best and maybe they will really send me theirs! Your business card was in a book I have titled “Best of Business Card Design 6.”

So how about it? Will you mail me your business card? I’m sorry I can’t send you a stamp but who knows, your card may come in handy one day when I’m old enough to pay for things!

Awesome, -and not strange at all. Most of us here had some sort of pack-rat tendencies for cool printed items when we were kids too.


    Kim 03/24/2009

    Awesome! Thank you so much!



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