New Site Launched! Baughman Company

Baughman is a company with a long interesting history. Wichita is quite literally built on the work of Baughman through the years. The roads you drive on, the parking lots you park on, the parks your children play in quite possibly started out on Baughman drafting tables and computers. Very much like graphic design, when they do their job well (which is always) you don’t even know they were there. Their job is a transparent one- but they’re always present, making us safer in transit, assuring our neighborhoods don’t flood, making our drive to work more scenic. It’s important work, and we’re happy to have helped them spread the word about what they do. Next time you’re sitting at a light, or speeding down the highway, know that the people at Baughman are working their hardest to make the trip more safe, and enjoyable.

See it online: Baugman’s new website


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