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rand new Southwestern College website developed and designed by Entermotion Design Studio We launched a website this week that’s been awhile in the making. It feels good. Several months back Southwestern College chose us to create a brand new website for them. They had lain out some pretty ambitious goals for the site. They wanted something built on modern standards, easily scalable, and with pages numbering well over a thousand. Plus, -they wanted it to look great. It’s the kind of challenge we love.

Normally we try to talk about the feel-good part of launching a site, congratulate our client a bit, and try to keep it short. This time, if you’ll permit us, we’d like to talk about the nerdy side some. We’re really proud of the technical aspects of this site, and think it warrants a few bullets.

  • This site is built so that individuals all over the campus can be in charge of specific parts of the content. We built the site around the “many hands make small work” philosophy. As this site grows, it will get richer in depth, and usefulness to all that use it.
  • Each of the relevant sections of the site has an RSS feed attached. As you wander from section to section, news specific pages have ever-more-specific RSS feeds. The net effect is that you can keep up with campus-wide happenings, or with only the small piece that you’re interested in.
  • Virtually every bit of content within the site is swappable through online administration. All the way from the staff directory, to the individual calendars for each department. In fact, if SC creates an entire new department, they’re only a couple clicks away from adding it to the website.
  • Individual departments get great tools to connect with their students, and anyone interested. Dynamic photo galleries, rosters, news feeds, and calendars make it easy to get the word out about what’s happening on a micro-level.

We’re thinking this new site is going to be a big hit for SC. The deserve it. They’re a great institution, and a great group of people. They worked extremely hard these last few weeks leading up to launch, and it really shows.

Thanks to SC for the great collaboration, and the fun project. We’re proud to be along for the ride.

If you want to see the site for yourself, see it online here:


    Sara Weinert 08/09/2008

    And thanks to you as well, Joe. We could not be more pleased with the new site. You mentioned our hard work, but you didn’t mention your own hard work and outstanding collaboration. It is a huge project, and Entermotion and Southwestern College made a great team.


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