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The new Tootscoot ecommerce website designed by EntermotionSimple ideas… We all get them, but few of us act on them. Most of us have glimpsed a way to make a product better, more efficient. Chasing that idea, we’re afraid, will be expensive, time consuming, and dangerous, -so we don’t.

The TootScoot started out like that. “What if the tires were a bit wider on a child’s bike?” “Wouldn’t they be able to balance easier, and more naturally?” Of course they would. It just makes sense… Combine that idea with some ingenuity, engineering, and perseverance, and you eventually bring a new product to market.

The TootScoot is a sturdy smart little bicycle for kids ages 2-5. It helps kids develop coordination, and balance. It’s really fun. We had a small photo shoot for the website, and the photographer’s young boy was present. Needless to say, we almost didn’t make it out of the studio with all the props. The TootScoot was an instant hit.

The new TootScoot website is open for business. Like all of our ecommerce websites, it’s simple to use, simple to manage, and product centric.

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