New site launched: Mcconnell Services

Mcconnell Air Force Base services website by Entermotion Design Studio We’re pleased to announce we’ve launched another website this week. They’ve been flying pretty fast lately, but this one can’t help but make you pause for a second. We all know that we have troops spread around the world on dangerous missions. It’s obviously a controversial topic, but what Mcconnell Services does is unarguably a good thing. They feed, educate, and entertain our troops and their families. It’s a warm thing. It’s a needed thing.

The site we built for them will help bolster the community feeling around their efforts. They can post photos, announce events, and spread the word about the good work they’re doing. The site is built on sturdy, modern CSS with a powerful back-end built of PHP/MySQL. Every bit of text, and all the necessary photos can be swapped out via the admin.

We wish the Mcconnell Services Team the best of luck with the new site. Keep up the good work!

See it online: The new Mcconnell Services site


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