New site launched – Sumner Regional Medical Center

Sumner regional medical center website designed by Entermotion Healthcare. With time, it has necessarily gotten more technical, and precise. It’s a good thing, but the science has in many cases diminished the human touch.

Thankfully there are still organizations that believe in community. They believe that good old fashioned bed-side manner can happen next to solid sophisticated machines. They make a commitment more than what’s required, -since the people they care for are their friends, and their neighbors.

We’re lucky that Sumner Regional Medical Center is just such an organization. Like usual, we’ve fallen in love with this client. They’re as easy to deal with as they are good at their jobs. It’s been a pleasant process building a website for them.

We hope their new site reflects their commitment to their region, as well as to technology. Like all of our new sites, it’s built with CSS, PHP, and has a robust back end that allows SRMC to edit all of the important parts of their site. If you want to brighten your day a bit, check out the new additions page. A lot of technology makes this section easy to administer, -but it doesn’t matter, it’s the photos that make it worthwhile.

We wish SRMC a lot of success with the new site, -they deserve it.

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