New site launched: Knork ecommerce

knork.jpg The Knork was born in a pizza parlor, the brainchild of a high-school kid named Mike Miller with pepperoni to be sliced and not a workable tool in sight. The basic idea of the Knork permutated through multiple mockups made of auto putty until, a patent in hand, Mike gave the world an eating tool for the ages. For all ages, young or old, right or left-handed, even those with limited physical strength or movement.

We have to admit it, -we’re indoctrinated. Knorks have become the way we eat dinner. We have plastic Knorks in our office for lunch. One of our print reps was so intrigued we finally gave them a sample to try. We spread the word, because it’s simply a good product. It’s easy to market products that are just… better.

Which brings about an interesting point. If Knork is better, why isn’t everyone already using one? That was the question we started this project with. Why? Maybe it’s a novelty, maybe it’s a gimmick. Like the Spork before it, maybe it’s destined for the pop-culture archive. But if you try it once, you’ll know better. It won’t cure cancer, and it won’t quiet the middle east, but it is actually a better way to eat. Something that we all do 2-3 times a day.

Like a comfortable office chair, or the perfect pen, they just make your day better. They’re inconsequential, but you use them all the time.

In an hour or two, when your stomach starts to rumble, think about utensils for once. Designed things just feel good. If we didn’t believe it was worth thinking about, and spending money on, we wouldn’t be in the business we’re in.

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