New Website Launched – Pratt Packaging Systems

Pratt Packaging Group website designed by Entermotion Design Studio in Wichita, KansasMost people in Wichita are familiar with Love Box. If you’re like us before we started this project, you didn’t realize that Love Box had a parent company called Pratt Industries. Our client Pratt Packaging Systems is the subsidiary that provides companies the systems that automatically hum, and buzz, and shoot out perfectly packaged boxes. They’re amazing machines that look more like something from a science fiction movie than a factory floor.

What we love about PPS is their concentration on the environment. They’re in a wasteful industry, fighting to make it more efficient. They deal in fractions of inches, and parts of ounces. Even a .001% change makes a huge impact in our environment, and the bottom line.

Keep on fighting the good fight PPS, and good luck with the new website.



    Design Guru 12/10/2007

    Enviromental pollution is one of the most widespread problems, so thanks god for such companies and guys, that think not only about theirselves.
    Astra Design Company


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