Relaunching an old friend…

Kontiki Tours and Travel home page


We relaunched the website of our oldest client today. Kontiki Tours and Travel’s new website has more bells and whistles than a firetruck. It’s chock full of CSS, AJAX, Flash, and cool programming. While there are a lot of cool things about the new site, the most exciting things for us was making our first website that includes localized languages and currency.

Working with a translated language has it’s own set of challenges… It’s amazing how many more characters are in typical German words. We had to be really creative with how we handled navigation, and content, -since on many pages the German content was nearly twice as long as the English.

It’s been months in the making, and we’re proud of some of the features we fit in, here are a few:

  • Photo tours, and detailed itineraries for every trip.
  • It manages currency conversion
  • Almost every single bit of text in the site is changeable in the admin… In fact, to launch a new localized version of the site, a translator can handle 99% of the tasks. Within the next few years Kontiki plans on having several more translated versions available, -all controlled through one admin.

With the new London office, and the multi-lingual website, we’re sure Kontiki is on the path for even more success in the coming years. We’re glad to be a part of it…



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