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For quite a while now, we’ve been building websites exclusively with CSS for both style, and structure. “Who cares” you might say… Which is exactly the reaction we would probably expect. We try not to beat our clients and friends over the head with technology. We just ask that they assume we have it handled for them…

The CSS thing is kind of a biggy though. Building a website with CSS creates many advantages. CSS websites are:
* less expensive to maintain
* less expensive to redesign
* often times better performers in search engine rankings
* less susceptible to obsolescence

CSS is the way of the future, some day there won’t be anything else… If you’re considering a website (re)design with us, or heaven forbid with someone else, do yourself a favor and learn a bit about CSS. It will have a tangible effect on the results of the long term success of your website.

Learn a bit more:

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    Rich 04/27/2007

    I care. Believe me, my friends are sick of my reactions after hitting Apple-U and seeing the horrendous markup that still exists out there. If you are a front-end developer and don’t use pure CSS layouts and subscribe to web standards, you should just close your laptop and start your post-bust career now.


  2. Entermotion 04/27/2007

    I really like “post-bust” – I’m going to steal that sometime soon…

    Albany…, did you ever stay in a Cresthill Suites? One of our clients is up in those parts…


  3. charlesh 05/05/2007

    Another link for your CSS that’s really good is Eric Meyer on CSS. I’ve never seen a more zen-like approach to CSS.


  4. Entermotion 05/07/2007

    I really should have included Meyer… Thanks for pointing it out. btw. Have you checked out his CSS video on Oreilly yet: (It’s from Pretty basic, but cool anyway.


  5. charlesh 05/09/2007

    Yes, I’ve gone through his course and while it’s basic, I agree, the best thing about it is that Eric understands why markup behaves in such-and-such a way. I’m just doing good if I can get something to work the way I want it to work, but most of the time I can’t tell you why it works that way…

    You guys do great design work, by the way. I really like what you did for marshmallow kisses – all the branding and e-comm stuff. It’s not easy to have both the technical aptitude as well as the excellent design work together.


  6. Entermotion 05/09/2007

    Thanks Charlesh… Good luck with the CSS.


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