Southwestern College Website

Southwestern College Professional Studies Website by Entermotion Design StudioThis website has been a long time in the making. As far as total number of pages, it’s probably the biggest website we’ve ever made. It’s complete with Flash, content admin, 100% CSS/XHTML, and lots of nifty features.

Southwestern has been a great ally during this project, we would like to congratulate them on helping us finish strong. If you want to find a smart discerning client, work for a college…

We’ve enjoyed getting to know how technology is helping modern students learn quicker, and simpler. You can’t help but feel a bit optimistic for the future when you see how quickly education is evolving. Southwestern is educating students from all points of the globe, and using the internet as the classroom. It’s a powerful message, and an amazing change. We’re happy to have helped them document their successes.


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