New website launched –

Young Professionals of Wichita website built by EntermotionWe’ve been working for YPW since the very beginning… We’ve done a logo, materials, a first website, and now we’ve done their second website as well.

It’s fun to be part of a growing organization that makes an impact. You see, -we’re at a disadvantage here in the midwest. Although we turn out lots of great people who go on to be leaders in their industry, an awful lot of them do it somewhere else. It’s ironic, but we’re losing our youngest, and brightest to perceived greener pastures.

YPW is working against all that. They’re bringing together young talent, building a community, and helping to crystallize our future. It’s a big goal, and an important one. Being a young company ourselves, we’re extremely happy to have played a part.

The site:

In our portfolio:


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