Fundamentals – Do you need a website?

First things first
You’re looking to build a new website, -but have you considered why? People often embark on this path without really understanding why they are traveling it. Websites have become one of those things you just have to have, like business cards, or letterhead. It’s true that most businesses need a website, but if you’re going to expend as much time and energy as it will take to get one, you should have a clearer focus.

Think about some of the ways a website will help your business. For instance websites can:

  • Provide contact information to potential customers
  • Instruct the uninformed about the types of products or services your company provides
  • Qualify your customers before they contact you
  • Provide customer support
  • Directly or indirectly increase sales
  • Extend your brand
  • Legitimize your business
  • Organize back-office functions

All of these are good reasons, and there are probably lots more. Keeping sight of your purpose will help guide you through many challenging steps that it will likely take to get to the finish line. Keeping a simple, narrow focus will allow you to distinguish between vital, and unnecessary steps.


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